Our operating range includes manufacturing, modernization and repair services of:

  • sanitary sewerage systems, forced and gravitational,
  • rain sewerage systems, forced and gravitational,
  • gas grids and terminals of medium and high pressure,
  • water supply systems,
  • intermediate sewage pumping stations  and stamping presses,
  • hydro separators.

We offer earthworks and specialized services:

  • excavations for grids, sewage-treatment plants and intermediate pumping stations,
  • pavement rehabilitation after grid construction works,
  • extensive road, square and entrance construction,
  • railway crossing construction,
  • corrugated plate and concrete tube culvert realization,
  • transport services,
  • horizontal directional drilling,
  • underground jack piping and drilling
  • micro-tunnelling.

Our construction equipment includes:

  • caterpillar excavators,
  • bucket-wheel excavators,
  • loader-excavators,
  • truck-tractors with semitrailers,
  • dump trucks,
  • compactors and welding machines.